Craft Cannabis

In the legal Canadian cannabis market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices. With different consumption formats, strains, and brands to choose from, the options truly feel endless. While each choice has strengths and weaknesses, the ‘Top Shelf’ recommendations of any seasoned budtender will more likely than not be craft cannabis. This […]


One of the first things we learn about cannabis is its scent; earthy, sweet, with a bit of skunky tang when fresh, adding a gassy ashiness when burned. For many, it is a comforting and relaxing scent associated with their consumption ritual. However, the smoke and its smell are often unwelcome in indoor settings or […]


If you’ve ever burned a candle or used a scented bubble bath, you’ve enjoyed aromatherapy! Many cultures around the world use the oils of plant botanicals for a plethora of physical and mental wellness purposes, a practice that dates back centuries. Whether it’s absorbed through the nose or the skin, the benefits of traditional aromatherapy […]