by Shannon McMullin

One of the first things we learn about cannabis is its scent; earthy, sweet, with a bit of skunky tang when fresh, adding a gassy ashiness when burned. For many, it is a comforting and relaxing scent associated with their consumption ritual. However, the smoke and its smell are often unwelcome in indoor settings or in the company of non-smokers. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy cannabis discreetly – here are some of our favourite methods:


If you love the ritual of inhaling with a milder scent that doesn’t linger, try vaping your cannabis instead of burning it. The easiest method of vaping is through 510 hardware, named for the type of thread used to connect the cartridge containing cannabis oil to the battery which heats the oil until it is vapor. 510 cartridges contain either live resin or full-spectrum oil, which provide a scent and experience more true to smoking flower, or contain distillate and botanical terpenes that provide a more pleasant scent which can range from fruity to minty and beyond!


Another popular way to consume discreetly is through ingestion. Edibles are a great entry point to experience cannabis in a low-key, accessible format that will satisfy both sweet tooths and those with more savoury palettes. Cannabis beverages are also a great option, with many seltzers and malted drinks created to be inclusive of those looking for an alternative to alcohol at social gatherings.

For those looking for a no-nonsense, measured dosage, oils and capsules are arguably the most discreet method of them all. Using a syringe or dropper to take THC or CBD oils (or both!) sublingually is helpful to discover the dosage that works best for you, but can be cumbersome if discretion is the goal. However, many available oils also come in a more convenient capsule format. Capsules such as Stigma Grow’s RSO deliver a consistent dose of full-spectrum cannabinoids in a gelcap that can be taken as clandestinely as a mint.

While other methods of consumption are more covert, smoking still remains the most popular way to consume cannabis for a reason – many regular users value their smoking ritual, and the experience from smoking dried flower is a unique one, as each method involves different types of absorption. If you do smoke indoors, there are three main pillars of containing the smoke: ventilation, absorption, and filtration.

Ventilation is the easiest way to channel unwanted smoke smells out of your home. Simply isolate your smoking area to a single room and cover any spots where air will escape, (a towel placed at the bottom of a door is a popular practice) open a window, and place a fan in a place that will help air flow out the window. If this is insufficient, try an odour-removing room spray or candle during your smoke session, such as Cannabolish, which is formulated specifically to absorb and remove cannabis odours using a blend of natural plant oils. The Cannabolish products use essential oils and botanicals to exchange the signature cannabis stink with a fresh, grassy scent with one with notes of oak, lemongrass, and citronella.

The final method of eliminating cannabis smells is through filtration. Exhaling smoke through a handheld carbon filter like the Eco Four Twenty personal air filter will absorb the odours from cannabis smoke and leave any room smelling the way you found it. Eco Four Twenty is also the most sustainable personal filter on the market, providing a reusable base with replaceable filters to keep your space fresh-smelling for longer!

Through changing up your consumption method, be it vaping or ingesting, you’re also allowing your body to absorb cannabinoids differently which may even bring your experience to the next level. For creatures of habit, though, there are plenty of ways to cover and move the burning herb smell we all know and love to make any spot a smoke spot. Ask our budtenders on your next visit for our favourite tips and tricks for partaking anywhere, anytime – you may find something new to add to the routine!

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