by Shannon McMullin

A new year on the calendar signifies a starting line for the formation of new habits and routines. Now that we are weeks into 2023, the enthusiasm many of us have for our New Year’s Resolutions has begun to wane as we make the transition away from holidays back into ‘real life’ with all of its challenges. Whichever facet of your life you’ve chosen to improve, cannabis can act as a catalyst for turning resolutions into a lifestyle. Read below to find out how incorporate cannabis into your New Year’s Resolution:

Participating in Dry January? Dip your toes into ‘California Sober’ – a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular among those looking to lead healthier lives without alcohol while still enjoying “soft” substances such as cannabis. While alcohol is a cultural staple for many, it can often lead to unpleasant side effects and a hangover in the morning. 

With more young people giving up drinking in recent years, mocktails and alcohol-free spirits have become quite popular. If you’re looking to give up booze for the month or for good, but still appreciate a light buzz, cannabis beverages are an excellent option. As one of the fastest-growing categories in the Canadian recreational market, beverages offer something for everyone, from beer snobs to seltzer fans. You may even discover your new signature drink to indulge in, hangover-free!

Committing to a better sleep schedule is another popular New Year’s resolution, and perhaps one of the most challenging to stick to long-term. Whether you’re working on a better evening or morning routine, minor cannabinoids can play an essential part in maintaining pre and post bedtime regimes. For the end of the night, consider products with a combination of both THC and CBN, which may help promote relaxation and restfulness. Cannabis enthusiasts and more casual users alike enjoy combining these cannabinoids in an edible, oil, or capsule as they wind down for the evening, right before beginning the other steps of their bedtime routine. By the time you’ve completed your skincare, reading, or sleepytime tea, the effects of THC and CBN should be beginning to be felt.

If it’s your morning routine that you’re looking to renew in 2023, look to the Mother of All Cannabinoids: CBG may be combined with other cannabinoids or on its own to combat the feeling we all sometimes have of wanting to remain in bed indefinitely, or even just general grogginess. This uplifting and soothing cannabinoid has helped this writer personally; a small CBG dosage combined with a cup of coffee and healthy breakfast has helped provide a mood boost and motivation that has turned mornings from something to be endured into one of my favourite parts of the day!

Of course, the most notorious New Year’s resolution is the commitment to moving our bodies.

Is this the year you return to the gym after a long absence? Are you beginning a yoga practice? Or perhaps even just committing to taking a walk outdoors every day? No matter the activity, the benefits of exercising extend to mind, body, and soul. However, moving in new ways as we take on these pursuits can sometimes put a strain on our bodies. Anyone with an athletics background will tell you the importance of stretching to prevent negative impact on joints and muscles, but even then it’s normal to be a bit sore as we tone and condition our bodies with movement. With this in mind, topical CBD roll-ons and sticks have become gym bag essentials for pro athletes and newcomers alike. Post-workout, these products offer a targeted dosage to problem areas along with the instant relief of essential oils such as menthol. Along with plenty of rest between workouts and fuelling your body with healthy foods, the introduction of cannabis may just be the thing to take your fitness journey to the next level! 

Harnessing the power of minor cannabinoids, cannabis beverages, and topicals are all excellent examples of conscious consumption. While attitudes continue to improve, there is a common narrative that cannabis use is more of a hindrance than a help in achieving our goals and bettering ourselves. The truth remains that, through conscious consumption and making educated choices, cannabis in its many forms is a very welcome addition to our self-improvement toolkit. To find a product to best incorporate into your New Year’s resolution, come visit us in-store and chat with our team!

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