By Shannon McMullin

If you’ve ever burned a candle or used a scented bubble bath, you’ve enjoyed aromatherapy! Many cultures around the world use the oils of plant botanicals for a plethora of physical and mental wellness purposes, a practice that dates back centuries. Whether it’s absorbed through the nose or the skin, the benefits of traditional aromatherapy and cannabis go hand in hand. Meet five of the most popular plants used in aromatherapy – try adding your favourite to your next sesh!

Lavender – Originating in the mountains of the Mediterranean, lavender is now grown and cherished around the world. This floral and mildly spicy smelling flower is often used to invite relaxation. Lavender also has a high concentration of linalool, a terpene also found in many strains of cannabis, and is known for its calming properties. For its pleasant flavour and association with tranquillity, dried lavender has become a popular smoking herb to add to cannabis flower, as well as in combination with CBD products for the ultimate infused bath experience.

Cedar – Many cultures use the needles of this tree in their traditional medicines. Its fresh scent evokes feelings of freshness and rejuvenation, and continues to be one of the most popular choices for both home and body care. Cedar contains high amounts of pinene, a terpene also commonly found in cannabis. Pinene is believed to be helpful in mood boosting and clearing congestion, which is why many coniferous plants like cedar are boiled to make tea or a cleansing bath, or simply using the steam to cleanse your space and your body. 

Eucalyptus – This cooling aroma will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever used an over-the-counter salve when they’ve had a cold. The unique briskness of eucalyptus comes from a compound known as eucalyptol or cineole which is a lesser-known terpene found in select cannabis strains. Eucalyptus is a favourite in oil diffusion and medicinal baths, making it a great partner to CBD in your wellness routine!

Mint – Often used in tandem with eucalyptus, mint is just as cool and refreshing! While not overly abundant in cannabis, menthol is a terpene that is responsible for soothing skin, throats and tummies alike. Second to lavender, mint is often added to cannabis flower to help provide a smoother smoke and fresher breath. It is also a common ingredient in infused skincare products, and helps to create a truly invigorating experience. 

Rosemary – Beloved in kitchens for its warm, bitter spice, rosemary has also been cherished by many for its abundance of other benefits. Many enjoy burning rosemary or diffusing its essential oil to aid in relieving stress, and it is also a popular folk remedy in parts of Europe to soothe mild digestive issues and promote relaxation. Containing a combination of pinene, limonene, and linalool among other chemical compounds, rosemary is a shining example of what plants are capable of! In cannabis, this is usually what is known as the ‘entourage effect’, which is the theory of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD interacting with other plant compounds such as terpenes to create a more desirable, and more specific effect than when consumed in an isolated form. 

The combination of cannabis with other plants is a great way to elevate your experience, whether it be inhaling, drinking, or soaking. Ask your budtender about the Noon and Night Bath Fizz collection, which pairs CBD with the power of aromatherapy in three unique scents!

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